Frog Bolt

frog bolt for railroad

A frog bolt is a kind of track bolt used on railroad frog in a part of railway turnout. Railway turnouts face some risks such as points are incorrectly set, points might move or reversed, etc. which might cause a collision or derail even worse. Because turnouts exist so many potential risks, they greatly influence the safe running of a railway. Large frog bolts with high strength are fixed on the railroad frog to reduce risks and increase the safety of railway running. This type of railroad fastener is especially welcomed by American and Uk customers.

Frog bolt Made By AGICO

AGICO offers a square head and button head oval neck or elliptical neck frog bolt made from medium carbon or alloy steel. The frog bolt produced by AGICO has a self-locking nut that can be customized with nylon or metal materials. Grade 8 bolts with different lengths and diameters are manufactured to suit various rail section dimensions of the railway turnouts. We also can manufacture frog bolts with the required specification according to customer drawings. The installation of a frog bolt can use torque wrenches to ensure proper torquing.

frog bolt made by AGICO
frog bolt by AGICO
AGICO frog bolt in bucket
frog bolts in the bucket
self-locking nut of frog bolt
self-locking nut

Specification of frog bolt

SizeSpec.Unit Weight(kg/pc)
FROG BOLT (SQ.HD)1-3/8″x10″
Material: 42CrMo
Grade 8
Surface: plain
TO Match with 1-3/8″ BoltMaterial: Nut 45# steel; Lock Ring steel alloy; Grade 8; Surface: plain0.565

Frog Bolt:


Heat Treat: SAE J429 Grade 8

Core Hardness: Rc 33-39

Min Tensile: 150,000PS

Min Yield: 130,000PSI

Security Lock Nut:


Prevailing Torque–IFI-100/107 standard

Material Property: SAE J995/ASTM A563

Threads-Class 2B(UNC&UNF)

Clamp Bolt

A clamp bolt is a track bolt used on a temporary rail clamp ( an emergency rescue tool to maintain a broken track or enforce welding joint parts).

AGICO is a long-term bolt vendor to Cooper & Turner (C&T), the U.K.’s largest producer of hot- and cold-forged bolts. Feel free to contact us and get the latest products.

AGICO has been manufacturing and supplying railroad fasteners and railroad tracks for nearly 20 years. Rail fasteners mainly include track bolt, Metro bolt, height adjustment plate, Panlock Key, Coachscrew, railway spikes, rail clips, rail joints, rail clamp, plastic sleeper, composite railroad ties, etc. The complete range of railway track materials provides a one-stop solution for customers. All the products are produced according to international standards. The rich experiences and strong production capability combined with expert sales and after-sales team lead us to develop fastly. Our flexibility in the way of accepting customization requests helps us gain new and returning clients.

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