Used Rail

Products-Used Rail

Type: 43kg, 50kg

Standard: GB 2585-2007

Material: 50Mn, 45Mn

Used rail refers to the railroad track or railway track that once had used on busy lines such as heavy-haul mainline railway, now reused in light transport industrial areas. The used rail should have a neat appearance, no bending fracture, no scars, in short, can be preserved in use. It is mainly used for 10-20 tons of temporary transportation lines, light locomotive lines, crane tracks, driving tracks that are laid in forest areas, mining areas, factories, and construction sites.

Advantages Of Used Railroad Track

The refurbishment of the old rail after using on the busy line, and the laying of it on the railway with a small volume again, can extend the service life of rail and improve the use efficiency of rail. The re-use of heavy rail on lines with low freight density will greatly improve line stability and ensure normal track maintenance with fewer materials and labor.

  • 43kg used railway track

43kg Used rail means worn 43kg rail that can be reused after maintenance.

43kg used rail specification


Width Of Base:114mm

Width Of Head:70mm

Web Thickness:14.5mm

Section area:57cm²


Nominal weight:44.65kg/m


43kg used rail
  • 50kg used railway track

50kg Used rail means worn 50kg rail that can be reused after maintenance.

50kg used rail specification


Width Of Base:132mm

Width Of Head:70mm

Web Thickness:15.5mm

Section area:65.8cm²


Nominal weight:51.51kg/m


50kg used-rail
50kg used-rail

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