Australian Rail Standard

Australian rail standard AS 1085.1《Railway Track Material Part 1:Steel Rails》is organized by Standards Australia Committee. AS 1085.1-2002 indexed five rail profiles, namely 31 kg/m, 41 kg/m, 50 kg/m, 60 kg/m and 68 kg/m. One chemical composition formula and two strength grades are specified for the heavy rail of 50 kg/m and above, among which one is the hot-rolled rail with strength over 880 MPa and hardness over 260 HB. The other is a heat treatment rail with a strength greater than 1,130mpa and a hardness greater than 340 HB.

AGICO has railroad track for sale of Australian standard (AS rails) and other international rail standards including Chinese standard (GB standard rails)American standard (ASTM/AREMA rails), European standard (EN/DIN rails), British standard (BS rails), Indian standard (ISCR rails), Japnese standard (JIS rails), South African standard (ISCOR rails), and more.

Australian Standard Rail (AS 1085)

  • Standard: AS 1085
  • Size: 31kg – 89kg
  • Material: 900A/1100
  • Length: 6-25m

Specification of Australian Standard Rail

SizeHead (mm)Height (mm)Base (mm)Web (mm)Nominal weight (kg/m)MaterialLength m
41 kg136.512763.513.140.7900A/11006-25
47 kg141.31277014.346.5900A/11006-25
50 kg154127701550.8900A/11006-25
53 kg157.11467014.753900A/11006-25
60 kg1701467016.561900A/11006-25
66 kg18115275.416.565.5900A/11006-25
68 kg18615273.417.567.5900A/11006-25
73 kg157146703273.6900A/11006-25
86 kg10216510284.1185.5900A/11006-25
89 kg1141781025189.81900A/11006-25
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