Rail Clamp

Rail clamps, similar to other track material “rail clips” or fixing clips, are designed to clamp on the tracks for preventing the movement of the railroad rail. Adjustable rail clamps allow necessary horizontal movement for the purpose of installation accuracy of different standard rails. The main application of rail clamps is for cranes. For the installation method, they can be divided into bolted rail clamps and welded rail clamps.

AGICO Rail Clamps for Cranes

Rail clamps for cranes can accept the lateral force from the rail when crane moves and damp the effect of the force. Rail clamps for crane rail are produced by casting or forging. The materials of crane rail clamp include Q235, or Qt400-15, Qt400-10, Qt500-7, etc. The surface is plain oiled, or oxygen black, etc. Crane rail clamps manufactured by AGICO have high strength and can support the heavy load from the crane.

specification of 9116-rail-clamp
specification of 9120-rail-clamp


  • The proven design has been used successfully for many years throughout the world.
  • The clip is welded to the rail support. No access is required from below.
  • The two main parts are locked together on tightening the grade 8.8 bolt.
  • The clip has a self-tightening mechanism.

The most sold type is welded rail clamp composed of the cover plate, base plate, t bolt, nut, washer. the material of cover plate and base plate are ductile cast iron, cast steel. Bolt, nut, flat washer applied with Q235. Spring washer produced with 60Mn, 60si2Mn.

AGICO crane-rail-clamp-for-sale

Types of Crane Clamps

  • Crane clamp 21/050 AN/BN

By using crane rail clamps, the rails can be installed with good tolerances. They are adjustable to ensure the rails’ precise alignment.

  • Crane clamp 22/130 AN/BN

This type of crane rail clamps is featured by its outstanding adjustable capability which is realized by placing clips top over captive bolts with rubber ‘nose’ resting on. The self-locking design can effectively prevent rail clamps from loosing.

  • KPO rail clamp

This type of rail clamp can be attached to the rail with bolts,  ribbed tie plates, and washers in KPO rail fastening systems. Hot sale models are KPO 3, KPO6. They have high strength.

  • Rail Clamp for North Africa
  • K type rail clamp
  • MTH clamp

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