Panlock Key For Bullhead Rails

Panlock key is a type of rail fastener for bullhead rails. It is inserted between the rail and the chairs (mainly the outer side, sometimes the inner side).

Bullhead rail is a rail profile invented and widely used in the UK. There are mainly four types of rail keys for bullhead rails: the Panlock key, the steel rail key (the Mills Key), the JBBH rail key, and the wooden keys.

Panlock Key in railroad track

The function of Panlock key

In the fastening system of the railroad track, the panlock key works together with the cast iron rail chairs to support the rails tightly fixed to the sleepers. It is the unique twisted shape that helps the Panlock steel key hold its position. A Panlock key is inserted or removed by a special tool named Panlock-Puller.

The material of Panlock key

The panlock key made by AGICO is manufactured to the standard BS427. The material used is 5mm spring steel which reached the Vickers diamond hardness 370±30. Benefit from the property of spring steel, the panlock key is not easy to be crushed even after times of transporting passengers or loadings. The surface of the panlock key is coated with paint to prevent them from rusting.

95lb BH Panlock Key for sale

AGICO has sold 95lb BH Panlock Key to the UK, Italy, Spain, and many other countries. The superior quality, fast delivery, experienced pre-sale and after-sale services save time and investment for customers. New and returning customers emerge and drive us for providing better products.

Panlock Key manufactured by AGICO
Panlcok Key supplied
Panlock Key in packaging

Our services

AGICO has mature production lines and stable output of Panlock keys. Our professional engineers and skilled workers enable us to manufacture rail keys according to the drawings of customers. For your reference, the drawings below are the standard size we provide. Other requirements of specifications are also available.

Other related products

As a leading railway track material supplier in China, AGICO offers an extensive range of products. You may also need the related products listed below. Our catalog keeps updating and you are free to ask any questions at any time.

  • Rail chairs

Made of cast iron, the rail chairs are specially designed for Bullhead rail to be seated in. The chairs are fixed to the sleepers by “coach screws“.

  • BS standard rails

Different specifications of British standard rails are offered. The hot sale rails: BS 50 O, BS 60A, BS 75A, BS 75R, BS 80A, BS 80R, BS 90A, BS 100A.

  • Other track materials

Such as coach screw, E1809 rail clip, clamp bolt, etc. are also available upon customer’s request. Don’ hesitate to contact us for your free quotation.

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