British Rail Standard

BS11:1985 is a British Standard about specifications and sections of flat-bottom railway rails. This standard specifies the requirements for the quality of steel, dimensions, tolerances, and technical condition of railway rails of 24.8 kg/m and greater linear mass.

AGICO is a professional railroad track supplier. We provide BS rails and various standards of rails such as Chinese standard (GB standard rails), American standard (ASTM/AREMA rails), European standard (EN/DIN rails), Australian standard (AS rails), Indian standard (ISCR rails), Japnese standard (JIS rails), South African standard (ISCOR rails), etc.

British Standard Rail (BS11:1985 )

  • Standard: BS11:1985
  • Material: 900A/700
  • Length: 6-25m

Specification of BS rails

SizeHead (mm)Height (mm)Base (mm)Web (mm)Nominal weight (kg/m)MaterialLength m
BS113A Rail69.85158.75139.72056.398900A8-25
BS100A Rail69.85152.4133.3515.0850.182900A8-25
BS90A Rail66.67142.8812713.8945.099900A8-25
BS80A Rail63.5133.35117.4713.139.761900A8-25
BS75A Rail61.91128.59114.312.737.455900A8-25
BS70A Rail60.32123.82111.1212.334.807900A8-25
BS60A Rail57.15114.3109.5411.1130.618900A6-18
BS80R Rail63.5133.8512713.4939.374900A8-25
BS75R Rail61.91128.59122.2413.137.041900A8-25
BS60R Rail57.15114.3109.5411.1129.8227006-18
BS50 O Rail52.39100.01100.0110.3224.8337006-18
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