Indian Rail Standard

Indian Rail Standard is organized by the Bureau Of Indian Standards. This standard lays down the dimensions, shape, chemical composition, tensile properties, hardness, and other requirements of the crane rail section.

AGICO has the railroad track for sale of Indian standard (ISCR rails). We also provide other international rail standards including Chinese standard rails(GB standard rails), American standard rails (ASTM/AREMA rails), European standard rails (EN/DIN rails), British standard rails (BS rails),  Australian standard rails (AS rails), Japnese standard rails (JIS rails), South African standard rails (ISCOR rails), and more.

Indian Standard ( ISCR )

  • Size: ISCR50,ISCR60, ISCR70, ISCR80, ISCR100, ISCR120
  • Material: 55Q/U71MN
  • Weight: 29.8kg/m – 118kg/m
  • Length: 9-12m
SizeHead (mm)Height (mm)Base (mm)Web (mm)Nominal weight (kg/m)MaterialLength m
ISCR 50 Rail51.290902029.855Q/U71MN9-12
ISCR60 Rail61.3105105244055Q/U71Mn9-12
ISCR70 Rail701201202852.8U71Mn9-12
ISCR80 Rail81.71301303264.2U71Mn9-12
ISCR100 Rail101.91501503889U71Mn9-12
ISCR120 Rail12217017044118U71Mn9-12
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