Crane Rail

Crane rail is specially used for laying tracks for cranes, such as railroad cranes, overhead cranes, gantry cranes and other types of cranes. It provides a smooth and strong runway for the cranes to move forward and backward when operating heavy loads.

Crane Rail

Crane rail profile has the characteristics of lower height, larger head width and web thickness.  Compared to other railroad tracks, the inspection of crane rail only needs to check chemical composition and tensile strength.

A Reliable Crane Rail Supplier

AGICO is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of crane rails in China of more than 15 years of experience in import and export business. We can provide crane rail installation solutions for manufacturing enterprises such as ports, wharves, warehouses, etc.

  • Complete crane rail category

Our crane rail covers the Chinese standard QU series, Japanese standard CR series, European standard DIN 536 crane rail, and other standard crane rails from America and South Africa.

  • Adequate stock in distribution yards

We have built large capacity warehouses in five city’s port. Therefore, you don’t worry about the inventory or speed of shipments.

  • Rich experiences for more than a decade

Our customers such as Yangshan wharf, Zhoushan port, adopt the crane rails from us. In addition to long term cooperation with clients in the domestic market, our crane rails also have been sold to Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Bolivia, etc, more than 18 countries and regions overseas.

We also supply crane rail accessories. Crane rail can’t work safely without fastening accessories. crane rail clamps, crane rail pad, and crane rail base plate all play an important role in the fixing of crane rail.

AGICO rail clamps for cranes

Crane rail clamp is a device used for pressing the rail to the base plate and make the rail fixed to subgrade. There are two major types of rail clamp according to the way of installation. One is called bolted crane rail clamp, the other is called welded rail clamp. The most sold type is bolted rail clamp composed of the cover plate, base plate, t bolt, nut, washer. the material of cover plate and base plate are ductile cast iron, cast steel. Bolt, nut, flat washer applied with Q235. Spring washer produced with 60Mn, 60si2Mn.

crane rail clamps for sale

Crane Rail Successful Cases 

  • QU100 crane rail for Thailand customers
QU100 sale Case
  • QU70 crane rail sold to Saudi Arabia
QU70 sale Case
  • ASCE85 crane rail sent to Bolivia

Crane Rail Sizes

  • Chinese Standard Crane Rail
Section cm2Nominal Weight (kg/m)
Chinese GB crane rail

Other Standard Crane Rail

  • Japanese Standard Crane Rail (JIS E1103-93/ JISE1101-93)
CR100 crane rail

  • European Standard Crane Rail
SizeHead (mm)Height (mm)Base (mm)Web (mm)Nominal weight (kg/m)MaterialLength m

Crane Rail Installation

Crane rail track is the foundation for crane equipment to walk and bear force. The precision and installation quality affect the safe operation of a crane. There are two kinds of rail beams commonly used for installing crane rails: one is a steel structure beam and the other is a precast concrete beam. Precast concrete beams must have pre-embedded holes in case of bolt mounting. The installation method of crane rail includes pressing clamp fixing, hook screw fixing, welding and bolt fixing. To adjust the horizontal direction, the holes in the rail clamp are usually long, and the adjustment in the vertical direction can be cushioned under the rail. To have enough rigidity, each rail clamp can be made with a single hole or double hole according to the volume of the force. Only when the track is connected with the rail beam or the steel plate fixed on the rail beam by welding, can the car gear be welded to the track.

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