AGICO offers other track material to make the rails stay steady. Other track material, also called OTM, refers to track accessories including rail joints (joint bars), E clips, gauge rods, tie plates, rail pads, track spikes, bolts, washers, etc. Railroad track needs accessories to fasten the rails and maintain the track in good condition. By utilizing  OTM, railroad track service life has been extended.  

otm-Rail joint
Rail joint

Rail Joints

Rail joints, usually called fishplate, commonly known as the joint bar, is a component that joint rails end-to-end. Using joint bars can reduce moving impact.

rail clip

Rail Clip

Rail clip is a component of railway fastening systems. It is used to fix the rails to underlying baseplate and sleepers. Its main function is to prevent the rail from moving.

rail clamp

Rail Clamp

Rail clamps, some named rail clips or fixing clips, are designed to clamp on the tracks for preventing the movement of the rails. The main application of rail clamps is for cranes.

otm-rail pad
rail pad

Rail Pad

Rail pad, or railway rubber pad, is a material available to decrease the vibration transmitted from the rails to the sleeper or subgrade.

gauge rods

Gauge Rods

Gauge rod is a kind of track material used to keep track in gauge by improving the lateral stability of the rail. Gauge rods are most applied at weak points.

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