products-115RE rail

Type:  Heavy Rail

Steel Grade:U71Mn

Standard:  AREMA

115RE rail has a standard profile according to AREMA. Its nominal weight is 56.9kg/m. As a type of heavy rail, it is mainly used for mining tracks since its high strength. 115RE rail is heat-treated to control the hardness and strength of the steel. This is thanks to the heat treatment controls of the cooling rate and therefore controls the microstructure.

115RE rail has better performances in hardness, strength, wear-resistance, and corrosion resistance than many other railroad tracks. It can improve the service life of iron mine, coal mine, and other heavy haul railway lines. It is favored by domestic and foreign users and has maintained good market sales.

115RE Rail Profile

115RE Profile

115 RE Rail Specification

SizeHead (mm)Height (mm)Base (mm)Web (mm)Nominal weight (kg/m)MaterialLength m

Metal Distribution and Proportion

115RE Rail/mm2/%

AGICO maintain a large inventory of 115RE rail. 115RE rail has higher strength, higher hardness, higher fracture resistance, lower deformation.

We also provide other types of American standard rails with various sizes.

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