American Rail Standard

American railways are known for their long operating mileage and heavy axle load. The American Rail Standard is organized by the American Railway Engineering And Maintenance Of Way Association. To meet the needs of heavy – haul railway, the research results of rail technology are included in time. The 115RE and 136RE rail profile commonly used in American railways is uniformly optimized as R203mm, R44mm, R14mm, and R9mm, which are composed of four arcs and symmetrical.The rail profile of 141RE is composed of three arcs, namely R203mm, R44mm, and R14mm, with left-right symmetry.

AGICO offers railroad track for sale of different rail standards including American standard rail, European standard rail, British standard rail, Indian standard rail, Australian standard rail, Japanese standard rail, Chinese standard rail, South African standard rail, etc.

American Standard  Rail ( ASTM A1/AREMA )


  • Standard: ASTM A1/AREMA
  • Size: 175lbs, 115RE, 136RE, 90RA, ASCE85, ASCE75, ASCE60, ASCE50, ASCE40, ASCE30, ASCE25
  •  Material: 900A/1100; 700
  • Length: 12-25m; 6-12m

Specifications of American Standard Rails

Rail TypeHead (mm)Height (mm)Base (mm)Web (mm)Nominal weight (kg/m)MaterialLength m
175LBS Rail109.86152.4152.438.186.8900A/110012-25
115RE Rail69.06168.28139.715.8856.9900A/110012-25
136RE Rail74.61185.74152.417.4667.41900A/110012-25
90RA Rail65.09142.88130.1814.2944.65900A/110012-25
ASCE 85 Rail65.09131.76131.7614.2942.17900A/110012-25
ASCE 75 Rail62.71122.24122.2413.4937.2900A/110012-25
ASCE 60 Rail60.32107.95107.9512.329.767006-12
ASCE 50 Rail5498.498.411.1124.8557006-12
ASCE 40 Rail47.6288.988.99.9219.847006-12
ASCE 30 Rail42.8679.3879.388.3314.887006-12
ASCE 25 Rail38.169.8569.857.5412.47006-12
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