Various High-quality Railway Spikes For Sale


Product: railway spikes

Standard: AREMA, UIC, BS, JIS, DIN, ISO, GB, etc.

Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, etc.

Surface: Natural,Zinc,Paint,Oil,or as requested

Packaging: Pallet, barrel according to quantity

A railway spike or a railroad spike is a large nail with an offset head that can hold rails and baseplate firmly to the tie (sleeper). It is a small component of the railway fastening system. On track material market, railway spikes have various types according to the structure and way of installation. The dog spikes and the screw spikes are two typical types. As to the making process, two ways are adopted. One is producing railway spikes by manual work. The other is a series of process such as forging, heat treatment and threading through machines.

Dog spikes in railway

A dog spike has an L-shaped head and a square shank with a wedge-shaped tip or pointed tip. It is always used to fix the T-section railroad rails to wooden sleepers. AGICO has been supplying various dog spikes that conform to international standards. The main specifications of different dog spikes are as the following chart showing. Other dimensions can be manufactured according to client drawings or samples.


Specifications of dog spikes

5/8×6 ”
9/16×5-1/2 ”
9/16×5-1/2 ”
3/8”×3-1/2 ”
Other kinds
A3,Q235, 45#,55#, etcAccording to customer needs.According to the customer’s drawings or samples.

Screw spikes in railway

Screw spikes are also called rail screw. On the cross-section of the solid outer surface of screw spikes, there is a uniform spiral convex shape. Screw spikes have larger strength than dog spikes and can be not only used on wooden sleepers but also used on concrete sleepers for fastening rail track.

screw spikes in railway

AGICO manufactures all kinds of screw spikes used in the railway. We have 30 dies for producing standard or non-standard screw spikes. Customization is available to meet clients requirements, feel free to send us your drawings. Some of our hot products are shown below for your reference.

Specifications of screw spikes

Ss series screw spike

Type: Ss series screw spike

Size: M24×140/150/160/165

Weight: 0.528-0.657

Material: Q235,35#,45#,40Cr,etc

Grade: 1.6/5.6/8.8

Surface: natural(oil),black,paint,or according to your needs

Square Head Screw Spike

Type: Square Head Screw Spike

Size: M24x165

Weight: 0.575

Material: Q235

Grade: 8.8

Surface: White zinc electroplating

Screw spike

Type: Screw spike

Size: 5/8×7

Weight: 0.253

Material: 35#

Grade: 8.8

Surface: Hot dip galvanized

Hexagon screw spike

Type: Hexagon screw spike

Size: M24x160

Weight: 0.566

Material: 45#

Grade: 8.8

Surface: Natural oiling

Sold railway spikes from AGICO


Other types of screw spikes such as double-head screw spike, high tension screw spike, screw spike with the big disk, etc. are all for sale. For more information, please contact our sales professionals by filling the form below.

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