Railroad track for sale covers the most extensive range of railroad rails.

We provide detailed information on different rails.

Buy the most suitable rail from reliable manufacture.

High-Grade Rails

AGICO offers the steel grades for railroad rails with a tensile strength range of 690(min) to 1179(min) N/mm2

Railroad tracks are often referred to as railway tracks or railroad rail. It’s the most important part of railroad construction. The busy traffic on the railway resulted in greater loadings on the rail. The good quality of rail must be put in the first place. 

Full Types Rails

AGICO’s railroad track fully covers the rail section and specifications. We assist in the selection of various types of railroad rails.

  • Light Rail is mainly used for light transport or light rails such as temporary hauling tracks in forested areas, mines, and construction areas.
  • Heavy Rail is mainly used for main lines and mining tracks where a heavy load is required.   
  • Crane Rail is mainly used for laying tracks for cranes, such as railroad cranes, overhead cranes, gantry cranes, and other types of cranes.

OTM Available​

Other Track Materials reinforce the stability of railroad track. AGICO supplies rail joints, rail clips, rail clamps, rail pads, gauge rods and more.

  • Rail Joints connect the rails to reduce impact.
  • Rail Clip & clamps prevent the rail from moving.
  • Rail pad decreases abrasion to extend rail service life.
  • Gauge rods keep track in certain gauge in weak points.

Railroad Rail Products



ASCE Rail is a type of rail defined by the American Society of Civil Engineering. It is widely used in the American railway track for light transport or light rails such as temporary hauling tracks in forested areas, mines, and construction areas. The height of the rail equalled the width of the foot.

115re - Rail-home

115RE Rail

115RE rail has a standard profile according to AREMA. Its nominal weight is 56.9kg/m. As a type of heavy rail, it is mainly used for mining tracks since its high strength. 115RE rail is heat-treated to control the hardness and strength of the steel. 115RE rail has better performances in hardness, strength, wear-resistance, and corrosion resistance than many other railroad tracks.


UIC60 Rail

UIC60 Rail is mainly used for heavy load railroad. It is a very hot product in the International railroad tracks market. In France and Germany, it is widely used in high-speed railways. UIC60 rail has the characteristics of good ductility, high fatigue strength, and moderate fracture toughness. Its good chemical property enhances the performance and keeps the railroad tracks in good condition to a certain extent. 


Used Rail

Used rail refers to the railroad track or railway track that once had used on busy lines such as heavy-haul mainline railway, now reused in light transport industrial areas. It is mainly used for 10-20 tons of temporary transportation lines, light locomotive lines, crane tracks, driving tracks that are laid in forest areas, mining areas, factories, and construction sites. 


Crane Rail

Crane rail is specially used for laying tracks for cranes, such as railroad cranes, overhead cranes, gantry cranes, and other types of cranes. It provides a smooth and strong runway for the cranes to move forward and backwards when operating heavy loads. Crane rail profile has the characteristics of lower height, larger head width, and web thickness.


DIN536 Rail

DIN536  Rail is a type of crane rail used in overhead gantry and floor-mounted crane for port, wharf, shipyards, warehouses, and other manufacturers. It complies with the European DIN standard.  This standard is specified to hot-rolled flat bottom crane rails(type A). Its height is lower, the head width and web thickness are larger.

AGICO provides other track material to make the rails have better performance. Other track material, also called OTM, refers to track accessories including rail joints, rail clips, gauge rods, tie plates, rail pads, track spikes, bolts, washers, etc. AGICO offers OTM suitable for various standards of rails. Other track materials can fasten the rails and maintain the track in its supposed place.

Rail Standards

The standards for rail used in the railway industry vary from region to region. 

AGICO sells rails of all international standards including the standards in China, Europe, the US, the UK, Australia, India, Japan, South Africa, and so on.

A Reliable Supplier

The high quality of rail is essential for the safe running of trains on railroads. AGICO railroad tracks give the wheels of the locomotive a smooth and least resistance surface to roll upon. It bears well the great pressure of the wheels with high strength, low deformation, and high fracture resistance. The strict inspection had been carried out before delivering to customers including chemical composition tests, tensile strength tests, hardness tests, and drop weight tests. 

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