Track Bolt Of All Standards And Sizes

track-bolt made by AGICO
track bolt made by AGICO

A track bolt is a kind of railroad fastener cylindrical with thread on the surface. It is used on rail joints and other connecting parts with holes to fix railroad track on railway sleepers. The track bolt itself consists of more than just one bolt. It is a three-part fastener, including a threaded bolt, a lug or nut, and a lock washer. Besides, the washer of the track bolt can prevent displacement and loosening, which also fundamentally solves the occurrence of severe vibration. Since the track system bears great weight and pressure, the stronger the anchoring system, the better to prevent any possible transfer. Therefore, the track bolts are made of hardened steel. The steel will also be treated to prevent rust.

Track bolt types and standards

AGICO offers track shoe bolt (hex head bolt), oval neck track bolt, diamond neck track bolt, square head track bolt, T-head track bolt, etc. Our track bolts are forged to meet AREMA, ASTM, DIN, UIC, BS, Russia and many other international Standards. AGICO holds mature techniques and high precision machines. We have passed the ISO9001-2000 test.

Track shoe bolt (hex head bolt) for Sale

track shoe bolt
SizeM16 to M48, L=100 to 500mm
StandardDIN529, ISO898-1
MaterialQ235, C35, C45, 35CrMo, 42CrMo
FinishOxide black, Zinc plated, Hot dip galvanized, Dacromet, Sherardized

heavy hex head frog bolt
SizeDia.3/4″-1-3/8″, Length up to 30″
StandardASTM A325
FinishBlack, Zinc plated

Oval neck track bolt for sale

heavy hex head frog bolt
Size1-1/8” ×5-7/8, 1”×5-7/8,1”
StandardAREA 1991 and SAE J429 Grade5

AGICO hot sale track bolts sample

Hexagon bolt

Size: M24x160
Weight: 0.566
Material: 45#
Grade: 8.8
Finish: black (oil)

T-head track bolt

Size: M22x154
Weight: 0.503
Material: 35#
Grade: 8.8
Finish: plated yellow zinc


Size: HS32
Weight: 0.33
Material: Q235
Grade: 5.6
Finish: hot-dip galvanized

Track bolt sold to Canda, America


Please note that not all products are listed. Nuts and washers are also supplied. we continuously update the catalogue. If you can’t find the model you need, feel free to ask for information from us. Our sales experts will give you a hand.

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