Gauge Rods

Gauge rod is a kind of track material used to keep track in gauge by improving the lateral stability of the rail. It is a very important reinforcement accessory for railroad tracks. Gauge rods are most applied at weak points in straight track, curved track, switches, bad ties, etc. Placing under the parallel rails, it can grip the rails and prevent them from spreading or tilting. If the gauge rods are missing in weak sections of railway tracks, derailment accidents or even the overturn of trains may happen. Other track materials such as rail joint, rail clip, rail clamp, rail pad are available as well.

Types of gauge rods include insulated gauge rods and non-insulated gauge rods. Insulated gauge rods are needed in railway lines with the electric circuit. The insulation material is placed in the middle of the rod.

types of gauge rods

AGICO supply both insulated gauge rods and non-insulated gauge rods for 56-½” track and rails of 60-140 lbs, AREMA 1-1/4 “, and other gauge rods used in BS, UIC rails, with the length of 600mm,762mm,900mm,1435mm, etc. Other types of gauge rods are available according to your special requirements.

Typical Railroad Gauge Rods

Our hot sale products are double end gauge rods for non-insulated or insulated types. They are a typical gauge rod with 2 iron jaws, 2 flat washers, 2 nuts, 2 spring washers on both ends.

the composition of gauge-rods
1nut4M30  M363#
2rod1M30  M363#
3iron jaws4I type  II typeKTH350-10
4flat washer4M30  M363#
5spring washer4M30  M3665Mn
  • Application: 43,50,60,75kg/m rail
  • Rail gauge: 600, 762, 900 and 1450.
  • Diameter: 20, 22, 24, 28, 32, 36 etc.
  • Specification: 20×870, 22×880, 22×1050, 24×1050, 24×1250, 28×1810, 28×1850, 32×1810, 32×1850, 36×1850

Maintenance suggestions of railroad gauge rods

(1) Continuous failure of rail brace shall not exceed 1 pair.

(2) Continuous failure of gauge rods shall not exceed 2.

(3) Failure of rail brace and gauge rod shall not occur simultaneously between 6 sleepers.

Based on the calculation and analysis of the stability coefficient of rail tilting in the section with a small radius curve, the maintenance standard suggestions of curve strengthening equipment are put forward.

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