90 LBS Rail

90lbs rail

Type: Heavy Rail

Material: 900A/1100

Weight: 44.65kg/m

Length: 12-25m

90 lbs rail or 90 pound rail is defined by the American Railway Association (or ARA). ARA set standards for 10 lb/yd (4.96 kg/m) increments from 60 to 100 lb/yd (29.8 to 49.6 kg/m).  90 lbs rail is also a profile recommended by AREA (The American Railway Engineering Association). It is a type of rail mostly sold in the North American market.

AGICO provides 90 lbs rails and other types of railroad tracks for sale. AGICO rails are well sold to more than 20 countries and regions based on sufficient supply ability and fast delivery. You can buy rails in the standard length or customized length. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

90lbs Rail Dimensions

90 lbs rail section profile
90 lbs rail dimension inch
Rail TypeHight width (mm)Base width (mm)Head width (mm)  Web thickness (mm)Weight Kg/mMaterial
90 ARA-A142.88130.1865.0914.2944.65900A/1100
90 lbs rail dimension mm
Rail Type90 RA
Section Number9020
Nominal Weight90 lbs/yd (44.65kg/m)
Standard Length39’
Area in28.82
Section Modulus in3Head: 12.6 Base: 15.2
Moment of Inertia in438.7
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