Chinese Rail Standard

Chinese rail standard specifies three types of rails: light rail, heavy rail, crane rail. AGICO has a large amount of stock of railroad tracks for sale. We also provide rails conform to many other rail standards such as American standard, European standard, British standard, Indian standard, Australian standard, Japnese standard, South African standard, and so on.

Light Rail

Light rail weights less than or equal to 30kg per meter.Light rail is used for laying temporary transportation lines and light locomotive lines for forest areas, mining areas, factories, and construction sites.

  • Standard: GB11264-89 ; YB222-63 standard
  • Size: 9kg, 12kg, 15kg, 18kg,  22kg, 30kg
  • Material: 55Q or Q235B
43kg heavy rail-GB standard

Heavy Rail

Heavy rail weights more than 30kg per meter. Heavy rail is mainly used for passenger and cargo transportation.

  • Standard: GB2585-2007
  • Size: 43kg, 50kg, 60kg
  • Material: U71mn/50mn
QU80 rail-GB standard

Crane Rail

Crane Rail is mainly used for laying tracks for cranes at the ports, wharves,  warehouses, etc. Compared with the railway’s heavy rail, crane rail has the characteristic of lower height, wider head, and thicker waist.

  • Standard: YB/T5055-93
  • Size: QU70\QU80\QU100\QU120
  • Material: U71mn

Specifications Of Chinese Standard Rail

  • Light Rail Specification ( GB11264-89/YB222-63 )
SizeHead (mm)Height (mm)Base (mm)Web (mm)Nominal weight (kg/m)Sectional Area Cm2
  • Heavy Rail Specification (GB2585-2007)
SizeHead (mm)Height (mm)Base (mm)Web (mm)Nominal weight (kg/m)MaterialLength mSectional Area Cm2
  • Crane Rail Specification (YB/T5055-93)
SizeHead (mm)Height (mm)Base (mm)Web (mm)Nominal weight (kg/m)MaterialLength mSectional Area Cm2
QU70 Rail701201202852.8U71Mn1267.3
QU80 Rail801301303263.69U71Mn1281.13
QU100 Rail1001501503888.96U71Mn12113.32
QU120 Rail12017017044118.1U71Mn12150.44
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