Rail Clip

rail clip used on railroad track

Rail clip is a component of railway fastening systems. It is used to fix the railroad track to the underlying baseplate and sleepers. The clamping force by rail clips helps to maintain the gauge and prevent the rail from moving in the vertical and horizontal direction relative to the sleeper. One extensively used type of rail clip is an elastic rail clip made of hot-pressed spring steel. Its energy produced at elastic deformation can alleviate the vibration and shock when trains move. Other track materials such as rail joints, gauge rods, rail clamps, rail pads are available as well.

AGICO Rail Clips

Approved by China’s Railway Ministry and certified by ISO9001-2008 and SGS authorities, AGICO manufactures and supplies elastic rail clips of excellent properties covering complete types and standards. Using optimum spring steel as raw material, the finished products show high tensile strength and corrosion resistance after a series of precise processing procedures. The elastic rail clips we produced can withstand bending, torsion, fatigue corrosion, and many other effects. Owing to the biggest production base, our production capacity is up to 5,000,000 pieces.

  • E-type Clip: E1609, E1809, E1813, E2001, E2039, E1817, E2006, E2007, E2009, E2055, E2056, E2063, E2091.
  • SKL Tension Clips: SKL1, SKL3, SKL12, SKL14, SKL75.
  • Other Rail Clips: Russian rail clip, Special rail clip,
  • Customized Rail Clips as per drawings or requirements of clients.

Specifications of Rail Clips

E-type Clips
E2039ø2060Si2MnA 60Si2MnA
E2055ø20 60Si2MnA 60Si2MnA
SKL Tension clips
ModelDiameter Material Hardness
Other Rail Clips
ModelRussia rail clipDeenik clipAnti-vandal clipFast clip GL1419GL1419

For non-listed rail clips, please contact our sales for details.

Elastic Rail Clip Manufacturing Process

  1. Raw material
  2. Shearing
  3. Heating to forging temperature
  4. Forming  
  5. Quenching – Tempering
  6. Inspection – Packing. 

Raw material refers to a long spring steel rod. The first step is to shear the raw materials into the required length. Then put the sheared spring steel into the heating furnace. The temperature in the furnace is 950-1000℃. After heating, the clips are formed through three stages of bending by hot molding equipment. After forming, the elastic rail clips are conveyed to a quenching oil tank. After quenching, the elastic rail clips are tempered at 400-500°C. The elastic rail clips are finally oiled and packed. The elastic rail clips must have a hardness between 40 and 48 HRC.

From the first step of raw material purchasing to the final step of finished products, we do strict inspections. AGICO uses high precision inspection machines to make sure the finished elastic rail clips meet the requirements.

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