Rail Insulator

rail insulator for sale
  • Materials: PA6, PA66, PA66+GF20-35%
  • Specification: Different Size Available (Customizable according to the drawing)
  • Standard: DIN, NF, AREMA, etc.
  • Supply ability: 300 Tons per Month 
  • Delivery: Within 30 working days
  • Sample: Available on Request

Application of rail insulator

The rail insulator is one of the key components of the high-speed railway fastening system. As a part of the connecting piece in the track fastener, it is responsible for adjusting the gauge and the current connection between the insulated rail and the ground. It not only realizes the railway reliability and stability but also ensures the elasticity and rigidity of the normal operation of the railroad track.

AGICO is specialized in providing quality assured railroad tracks and other track materials (rail fasteners). The rail insulator manufactured by AGICO can be applied on UIC60rail, 115RE rail, 52kg rail,75lb rail, BS80A rail, BS90A rail, BS100A rail, etc.

Rail nylon insulator

The rail insulator is mainly produced by an injection molding machine, and the material is mainly composed of nylon PA + glass fiber GF, also known as modified nylon. The color of the rail insulator depends on the customer’s requirements, and the required color can be produced by adding a certain amount of toner to the raw material particles.

Technical properties of rail nylon insulators

The height adjustment range of WJ-7 rail fasteners is about 0-30mm.

Technical ParameterUnitTechnical RequirementValue
Tensile StrengthMpa≥170178
Bending StrengthMpa≥250290
Impact Strength (No gap)KJ/m2≥8085
Melting Point250 – 270270
Insulation ResistanceΩ≥1×1085×108
Glass Fiber Content%30-3535

Reliable manufacturer of railway insulator

AGICO offers high-quality modified plastic made railway insulators that feature high mechanical strength, heat resistance, wear resistance, high rigidity, dimensional stability.

Types of AGICO railway insulator

AGICO manufactures railway insulators for E-type, SKL type, and Nabla railway fastening systems. 

Railway insulator for E-clip type railway fastening system
Railway insulator for E-clip type railway fastening system
Railway insulator for SKL railway fastening system
Railway insulator for Nabla railway fastening system
Railway insulator for Nabla railway fastening system

Quality control of AGICO train insulator

The production of our rail insulator is completely controlled according to the ISO9001-2008 quality system, and we have also obtained the production license of railway products in China. We have a full set of testing equipment to ensure the quality of all our products to meet customer requirements.

As the manufacturer of the railroad rails, AGICO also supplies screw spike, dog spike, track bolt, tunnel bolt, rail anchor, anchor bolt, fish bolt, security locknut, double spring washer, elastic plate, rail clip, rail clamp, fishplate, tie plate, rail anchor, rail shoulder, rail pad, rail height adjustment pad, and much other non-standard hardware.

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