Timber Nail Plates


Size:Can be customized

Surface:Galvanized sheet

Type:Wood connector

Timber nail plates are metal sheets connectors with prongs (looking like nail or teeth) that can be pressed into the wood. It is common to see this kind of nail plate used on the ends of wooden sleepers or railroad ties (American way) for providing splitting resistance. So it is often called an anti-split plate. Since the timber nail plates are also applied in mending truss wood, it is also known as the truss plate.

AGICO Hot Sale Timber Nail Plates

AGICO has actively participated in manufacturing railroad tracks and other track materials for more than a decade. AGICO not only provide railway sleepers but also manufacture anti split plates to prolong the service life of wooden sleepers. The timber nail plate is one of our hot sale railway related products along with wooden sleepers. The product quality is guaranteed because of our state of the art equipment and excellent producing process.

timber nail plate made by AGICO
anti-split nail plate “teeth”
truss nail plate

The material of timber plates is galvanized steel. Steel offers strength while the galvanised sheet improves the ability of anti-corrosion. The thickness of the steel is 1.0 mm. The Zinc Form DX51D-Z275 / G300 Z275 or equivalent. Other forms of this plate could be produced according to the customer’s needs.


L Nail plate102*102*32102102321.0
Truss Nail plate 1200*100200 1001.0
Truss Nail plate 2100*100100 1001.0
Truss Nail plate 3100*50100 501.0
Truss Plate Specifications-AGICO

Advantages Of AGICO Anti-split Plate

  • A versatile plate extends the life of railway sleepers (railroad ties).
  • The closely spaced “teeth” add strength and rigidity.
  • Can be easily pressed into sleepers without special pressing equipment.
  • Can be customized according to clients’ drawings.
  • Meet the ISO9001:2008 standards

Though plastic sleepers and concrete sleepers appear on the railway track material market, traditional wooden sleepers continue to keep their important place in some countries and regions such as America. We all know that wood swells and shrinks in a continuous way. Wooden sleeper weathers and is inclined to break down after the repeat process. Thus the protecting and preventing split of wooden sleepers is needed. The anti split plate can interfere with the aging in time. AGICO understand the customers’ concerns. The nail plates manufactured by AGICO is a cost-effective way of reducing the wooden sleeper splits. Our products have proven to exceed the expectations of clients. New and returning orders urge us to do better to serve more clients.

FAQ Of Truss Plate

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