Railway Track Material

rails and other track material for railway

Rails & OTM

AGICO offers railway track material including railroad rails and other track material. The rails we manufactured comply with international standards suitable for many countries and regions to use. Customers from America, the UK, Canada, India, Thailand, Austria, Germany, etc. can easily find the track material they are looking for. We also provide all types of other track material such as rail joints, rail clip, rail pad, gauge roads, track bolt, railroad spike, screw spike, tie plate, and more.

New Rails

Railroad rails are an essential part of railway construction. Various types and sizes of rails are manufactured to meet the industrial requirements of railway projects. AGICO is a manufacture and supplier of railway rails. We provide a complete range of rails for sale to meet the demand of customers all over the world.

Main rail types: 25-175lbs AREMA/ASCE rails (American standard rail), BS rails (British standard rail), European standard rail, Australian standard rail, Indian standard rail, Japanese standard rail, South African standard rail, etc. are all available.

track material-new railroad rails

Used Rails

Used rail track refers to the rail reused on lower loaded rails after serving a period on heavy busy lines. The main application of used rail track is in mines, forest and other sites. AGICO has an inventory of used rail track of different specifications.

track material-used rail track

Rail Joints

Rail joints, some called a fishplate or joint bar is used to connect rails end to end. It helps reduce the impact resulted by train wheels running over the rail joint. According to different applications, rail joints can be divided into bolted rail joint, compromise rail joints and insulated rail joints.


Rail Clip

E-type clips, PR series clips, SKL tension clips, other rail clips, etc. are available. Special clips can be customized according to the requirements of clients. AGICO has production base supports large capacity.

track material-rail pad

Rail Pad

Rail pad is placed in between the rail and baseplate or sleeper. It can attenuate the vibration of rails transferred to sleepers. Various types of rail pads are manufactured in our production lines. Rubber pad, EVA pad, TPEE pad, HDPE (high-density polyethylene) pad, etc. are welcomed by customers.

railway material-gauge rods

Guage Rods

Gauge rods are designed to keep track in the gauge at weak points (curve, switches, bad ties) of the railway. AGICO supplies non-insulated gauge rods or insulated types.


Track Bolt

Track bolt is a common fastener for fixing rail joints or rail anchors to rails. AGICO produces track bolts with different diameters and lengths. Types:  button head oval neck track bolt, diamond neck track bolt, T bolt, fish bolt, clip bolt, clamp bolt, Russian standard track bolt, Inerted bolt for Russia.


AGICO is an integrated company in manufacturing and selling track materials for the railway.  Our products are well recognized by the USA, the UK, Russia, Spain, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Belgium, and so on.

A75 rail shipped to Vietnam
A75 rail to Vietnam

12kg light rail shipped to Egypt
12kg rail to Egypt
A100 rail sold to Saudi Arabia
A100 rail to Saudi Arabia
A55 A75 rail shipped to Congo
A55 A75 rail to Congo

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