Dimension And Application Of QU70 Rail


QU70, QU80, QU100, QU120, etc. are sizes of crane rail. QU70 is a specific size of QU crane rail series according to Chinese standard. The number “70” refers to the head width of the crane rail. Thus the QU70 rail head is 70mm wide.


Crane rail is a special kind of rail track providing a running surface for various types of cranes such as gantry cranes, overhead cranes. QU crane rails are mainly applied in big projects including wharf, ports and yards. The sizes of crane rail needed are decided by the wheel of cranes. For the safe operation of cranes, there is a certain distance between the rail surface and crane wheel rim. Therefore, it doesn’t mean the larger width of the rail head is better. Suitable crane rail size is recommended for clients to fit the specific model of crane.

We all know that logistics in today and the future is boosting. Cranes are no doubt an efficient and economic way for loading and unloading goods. The demand for reliable crane rails is rising at the same time. QU crane rails are extensively used by the domestic market and some foreign countries.

QU70 Rail Dimensions ( YB/T 5055-1993 )


Size: QU70 rail
Material: U71Mn
Weight: 52.8kg/m
Length: 12m (other lengths available as per clients’ requirement)
Standard: YB/T5055-93

QU Crane Rail Dimensions
SizeNominal Weight Kg/m  Sectional area/cm2y1 cmy2 cmIx Moment of inertiaIy Moment of inertiaW1= Ix/ y1W2= Ix/ y2W3= Iy/(b2÷2)

Rail length

The common length of QU series of rails is 9m, 9.5m, 10m, 10.5m, 11m, 11.5m, 12m, 12.5m, and the length of the short rail is 6m~8.9m (according to 100mm).

Chemical composition & mechanical properties

MaterialCSiMnPStensile strength kg/mm2(Mpa)

Interpretation of the material: “U” stands for this is a type of rail steel, “71” represents the average composition of carbon that is 0.71%.

QU70 Rail Clamps

A type of welded rail clamp fit for QU70 crane rail. The rail clamp is composed of a base plate, a cover plate, an adjusting plate and bolts. The base is welded on the steel or concrete embedded iron. The bolts are sleeved in the groove of the base with T-bolts. The T-bolts are similar to the articulated ones here. The principle is to buffer the torsional shear force to ensure the normal fastening of the rail clamp, and finally tighten the cover plate to adjust the distance with the adjusting plate.

The cover plate, base plate and adjustable plate are made of ductile cast iron, cast steel. The bolt, nut, flat washer are applied with Q235. 60Mn, 60si2Mn is the material for spring washer.

Other specifications of crane rails

  • DIN536 crane rail: A45, A55, A65, A75, A100, A120, A150.
  • ASTM759 crane rail: CR104, CR105, CR135, CR171, CR175.
  • ISCR crane rail: ISCR50, ISCR60, ISCR70, ISCR80, ISCR100, ISCR120.
  • JIS crane rail: CR73, CR100. 

AGICO is a leading railroad track and crane rail supplier in China. Customers from domestic and abroad can choose from a complete range of rails. Our products such as QU70 crane rail, A100 crane rail, 90lbs rail, ASCE rail, 115RE rail, 136RE rail, UIC rail, BS rail, etc. are well accepted worldwide. Other track materials including railway fasteners and crane rail accessories are provided according to the clients’ requests.  

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