Where To Buy Railroad Track?

The railroad track is critical in railroad construction and safety. It ‘s clear that when a project needs to use a railroad track, the decision of purchasing from a certain supplier can have a great influence on the quality of the project. So, “Where can I buy a high-quality railroad track?”  Here are some reliable suppliers of railroad tracks you can choose from.

Buy railroad track from manufactures specialized in rail and track

Harmer-Steel logo
  • Harmer Steel

Established in 1928, Harmer Steel supplies rail and track accessories.  Hammer Steel has a large inventory and provides a wide range of rail manufacturing services. New and used rail and accessories are stored for rapid transport to railways, mines, cranes, and other industries.

  • Menards Railroad Materials

Menards Railroad Materials is a 2nd generation company founded. They supply many types of track materials and tools to the railroad industry. Their products include railroad rails, crane rail, turnout materials, ties, etc. Material services, project services, abandonment & removal services are provided.

A&K logo
  • A&K Railroad Materials

For more than 50 years, A&K Railroad Materials has attached great importance to its customer service. They have achieved a good reputation for product and performance across the industry. A&K Railroad Materials is a  reliable source of new and relayed track materials including rails, ties, spikes, They provide panelized turnouts, track removal, welding service.

J-&-J logo
  • J & J Rail Sales

J & J Rail Sales offers ASCE and ARA Railroad Rail with large stock. They specialized in overhead crane rails, specialty rail projects, and industrial material handling. They are very careful about the storage of railroad rail to keep rust to a minimum. Its special fabrication includes the curve rail section and miter cutting.

After decades of participating in the railway industry, AGICO has strived to become a state-level supplier in China and developed into worldwide expertise. Approved by China’s Railway Ministry. AGICO is qualified to bid for grant and medium railway projects. We have also built a long term relationship with CRCC (China Railway Construction Corporation).

With years of dedicated research and development, AGICO is capable of supplying varieties of railroad rails that meet the requirements of different railway lines. The finished products fulfill the performance in safety, high straightness, and high geometric dimension precision.

Our plant is equipped with the modern advanced mill that can roll alloy railroad track, full length quenched railroad track, bainitic railroad track, and lengthened railroad track. You can buy railroad tracks that conform to international standards from a large selection.

AGICO offers

  • Full range of railroad rails

American standard rail, European standard rail, British Standard rail (BS Rail), Japanese Standard rail (JIS Rail), Australian Standard rail, South African Standard rail, Indian standard rail, and Chinese standard rail. Used rail and other track materials are available as well.

  • Customized service

Produce rialroad rails according to customer requirements/drawings.

  • Competitive Price

 Compared to some world renowed companies, AGICO offers competitive prices to attract customers. 

Buy railroad track from comprehensive steel producers

SDI logo
  • Steel Dynamics

Steel Dynamics was established in 1993, the company is one of the United States’ largest steel producer. Its business scope covers steelmaking and metals recycling with 2014 annual income is $8.8 billion. The main production facilities throughout the United States (including six steel mills, eight steel processing facilities, two production facilities, more than 90 metal recycling sites, and 6 steel processing plant). Steel Dynamics entered the standard strength rail market in 2010. They produce 320 feet of rails that can be transported this length, cut into shorter lengths (typically 39,40 or 80 feet), or welded together to make longer rails. The AREMA standard rail sections are available in 115RE, 136RE, and 141RE weights. The sections are available up to 320-feet in length.

All-Metals-Supply logo

ALL METALS SUPPLY focus on metal distribution, metal processing, and fabrication hardware supply. Customers include area repair shops, industry, and manufacturing. Railroad rail for overhead crane and mining tracks are also available. They offer Special order size services.

Buy railroad track from a dynamic website where has different suppliers

Sterling Rail, Inc. is a website where you can find the full range of railroad assets or Sale and Wanted.

Suppliers of relay rail

Kimes Steel & Rail, Inc. provides relay rail buy and sell service. They can ship rails 27′ and shorter via LTL freight, longer lengths must ship via flatbed.

Repurposed Materials offers a wide selection of used industrial materials for sale, you can also buy relay rail from them.

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