Spring blade fastening system for concrete sleeper

In Mexico and many other countries, concrete sleepers are fastened to railroad rails using a mechanism called the spring blade fastening system. Metal blades with spring-mounted attachments are used in this process. The rails are intended to be held in place and kept in place by the blades. NY-ES, NY-GN, RNY, NY type “e”, and GANY series are the main types of spring blade fastening systems.

In comparison to other fastening techniques, this technique provides several benefits. It is less expensive since it is less complicated to install and maintain. In addition to reducing noise and vibration, the spring blade technology is crucial for railway lines that pass through residential areas.

Over the world, railway systems employ the spring blade fastening mechanism often. It is especially well-liked in nations with high-speed rail systems, where stability and security are crucial. The spring blade mechanism is intended to be stable and durable over time. This assists in making sure the rails are kept firmly in place, lowering the possibility of accidents and enhancing the overall safety of the railway system.


AGICO has exported the rail accessories of the spring blade fastening system to Mexico. As the export cases for this type of rail fastening system increased, also to better serve customers in railroad construction and maintenance projects, AGICO can provide NY-ES, NY-GN, RNY, NY type “e”, GANY series elastic rail fasteners for the fixing of rails to concrete sleepers. For example, 115RE rail, and 136RE rail with concrete sleepers can choose this type of rail fasteners. Railroad fasteners for other materials of sleepers are also available.

RNY rail fastening system

The RNY rail fastening system consists of 4 pcs staple RN plates, 4 pcs SL bolts, 4 pcs NY nylon washers, 2 pcs rail pad U-2, and 2 pcs insulator.

ComponentRaw material  SurfaceGrade
Spring blade  60Si2MN,65MNplain ( oil), paint 
Rail padEVA/Elastomer/Rubberplain 
Insulator  PA66+30%GF, PA6+30%GF,etc  plain   
Plain washerQ235,45#black, zinc, hdg 
T boltQ235, 35K, 45#, 40Mn2, 20MnSiplain (oil), black, zinc, hdg, etc4.6, 5.6, 8.8
Hex nut  Q235, 35#, 45#plain (oil), black, zinc, hdg, etc  5, 6, 8

NY-GN rail fastening system


NY-GN rail fastening system includes 4 pcs NY-GN elastic plates, 2 pcs insulators, 2 pcs insulators No.8, 2 pcs insulator No.6, 4 pcs SL bolts, 4 pcs NY nylon washers, and 2pcs rail pad U-2.

NY-ES Rail fastening system


One set of the NY-ES Rail fastening system consists of 4 pcs staple NY-ES elastic plates, 2 pcs interior rail insulator, 2 pcs exterior rail insulator, 4 pcs SL bolts, 4 pcs NY nylon washers, 2 pcs rail pad U-2.

NY type “e” elastic rail fastening system

One set of the NY type “e” rail fastening system needs 4 E2009 elastic clips, 24 rail insulators, 4 rail shoulders, and 2 pcs rail pad U-2.

GANY rail fastening system

Main accessories in the GANY rail fastening system:

  • Square plate
  • Polyamide GANY plate (insulator)Square plate
  • Hexagon track boltPolyamide GANY plate (insulator)Square plate
  • Square head bolt with nuts
  • Metal washer
  • Extended flat washers
  • gauge block
  • semicylindrical shock absorber bearing

Other elastic rail fasteners for wooden sleepers in Mexico

The rail fasteners for the wooden sleepers are also supplied. Main product such as E clips, dog spike (track spike), rail anchor, JAB bolt, oval bolt, square bolt, “AV6” cast iron locker for bolt & nut, steel tie plate, etc.

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