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Crane rail is the rail track for cranes. When buying cranes, it is important to choose high-quality crane rails from professional suppliers. A leading company is always the first choice. The quality of crane rails is more reliable. What’s more, services such as installation, welding are professional. Leading crane rail suppliers with rich knowledge and experience offer efficient solutions for customers. Suppliers with rolling mills control the production cost can provide competitive prices is appealing. In this post, several world-class and price competitive crane rail suppliers are introduced.


Founded in 1971 in Nivelles, Belgium, Gantrex now has become a world-famous company that provides comprehensive crane rail solutions in production, distribution, installation and maintenance. The group’s volume of a business exceeds €80m and has more than 300 employees globally in 20 countries.

Gantrex offers its products and services across the world and operates four production sites in Belgium, Spain, Canada and China. Its industrial application covers ports and intermodal, shipyards, steel & aluminium, mining, warehousing, automotive, railways, etc. Main products and services include rails, rail clips, rail pads, rail welding, end stops and buffers, rubber products, tieback assemblies, embedded tracks, cable protection system, consulting and engineering, grouting and anchoring. Gantrex also developed the fully adjustable crane rail chair, flexible short rail and other products such as side load measuring clip.


Gantrail is a world-renowned crane rail supplier first established in 1965 in the UK. At first, the main service is the installation of crane rails. Now, Gantrail has broadened its business scope in providing design and support solutions for the provision of the crane rail interface for projects of all types worldwide.

Gantrail provides numbers of products including crane rails, crane rail pads, crane rail fixing clips, steel soleplates, adjustable soleplates, anchor bolts, grout, surge connectors, crane buffers, cable trench cover. From ship to shore to power stations to international sporting venues. Gantrail spreads its operation worldwide in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia.

LB Foster Logo

LB Foster has a long development history which can date back to 1902. Today’s infrastructure is built on its legacy. LB Foster runs a business that specializes in rail, construction and energy products and services. These divisions manage global engineering, manufacturing, distribution and sales facilities. LB Foster has built factories in both America and Canada.

Crane rail is one of the company’s rail products. Its featured crane rail is ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) specification in weights of 12lb up to 175lb. The application is widely in overhead cranes, gantry cranes, portal cranes,  AS/RS systems, stadium roofs, stacker/reclaimer cranes and rail mounted tower cranes.


ArcelorMittal is a world-leading company in the steel and mining industry with sites in Gijon (Spain), Dabrowa Gonizca and Chorzow (Poland), Rodange (Luxembourg) and Steelton (United States). The products they supply are tram rails, crane rails, transport rails, light rails and special section. Crane rail is one important segment. The company can deliver crane rails worldwide for port projects and industry to customers in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.


 AGICO is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of crane rail in China of more than 15 years of experience in import and export business. We also have the experiences of providing complete solutions for crane rail installations for manufacturing enterprises such as ports, wharves, warehouses, etc.

AGICO Group supplies crane rails of multiple specifications comply with international standards.  European standard DIN536 rail, American standard ASTM A759 crane rail, Indian standard ISCR crane rail, Chinese standard QU crane rail and Japnese standard JIS crane rail. Crane rail accessories such as rail clamps, rail clips, etc. , are available as well. Owing steel mills make the rail price highly competitive not only in the domestic market but also worldwide.

Crane rail standardSize
ASTM 759CR104, CR105, CR135, CR171, CR175
DIN536A45, A55, A65, A75, A100, A120, A150
JIS  CR73, CR100
CHN GB standardQU70, QU80, QU100, QU120
crane rails for sale – AGICO

Tips for choosing crane rails

Crane rails have various types and specifications, one may easily get confused. Normally, crane suppliers would suggest a section of crane rail fit for the cranes. If not, you’d better know the width of the rail head. AGICO experts help the clients select a suitable type that matches the cranes.

Which crane rail will perfectly match the cranes you bought? The type of crane rail is decided by two main factors.

  • The tonnage of your cranes.
  • The wheel pressure of your cranes.

The main consideration in determining the crane rail model is wheel pressure.

The higher the wheel pressure, the width of the rail head and the larger the crane rail model.

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