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Main Parts Of A Railroad Track

A railroad track is mainly composed of rails, railroad ties (sleepers), fasteners, railway switch, ballast, subgrade. The components of railway track play different roles in providing support for trains. The track structure is built for rolling stock to roll upon safely and smoothly. Both passenger lines and freight lines are beneficial from this convenient fast […]

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What is railroad metal made of?

The railroad metal, commonly known as train track steel, is special steel in metallurgical products mainly used for railroad tracks. The rail bears the weight and dynamic load of the train. Its surface wears, and the head is impacted. The rail is subject to large bending stress, too. The complicated press and long-term service bring

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Rail Section Dimensions

Rail section dimensions mainly contain the rail height, the width of the base, the width of the head, the web thickness, the depth of head, the depth of the base, nominal weight per yard or meter. Railroad rail dimensions provide a method of identifying types of most rails. The charts below list common railroad track dimensions

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