A100 Crane Rail Of DIN536 Standard

Crane rail is widely used in overhead gantry and floor-mounted crane for port, wharf, shipyards, warehouses, and other manufacturers. Various types of crane rails for sale vary in section profile (specification) to meet the load capacity of different cranes. The general feature of crane rail is the wide base, thick web and low center of …

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Competitive Crane Rail Suppliers All Over The World

Crane rail is the rail track for cranes. When buying cranes, it is important to choose high-quality crane rails from professional suppliers. A leading company is always the first choice. The quality of crane rails is more reliable. What’s more, services such as installation, welding are professional. Leading crane rail suppliers with rich knowledge and …

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building railway track with track laying machine

Railway Track Construction Process

The railway track manufacturing is fast developing these years as well as the railway track construction technology. The process of building railway tracks has been evolved in the late years. The gradual development is changing with the upgrade of railroad tracks for sale. The old way of track construction mainly counting on numbers of workers …

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Various Work For Rail Track Maintenance

Rail track maintenance is carried out to ensure that the track is in good condition and that the train runs safely, smoothly at the specified speed. Various work for rail track maintenance is needed. Main works include track renewal and repair to restore the performance of each component of the track.  Regular maintenance work is …

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how long are railroad rails

About Railroad Track Weight And Length

The weight of a railroad track is measured over a particular length. It is described as pounds per yard or kilograms per meter. The pounds-per-yard figure is almost exactly double the kilograms-per-metre figure. (i.e. 115RE rail is 115 lb/yd which is 57kg/m). The weight of track is an important factor that reflects the strength of …

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Why Gaps Are Left In Railway Tracks

Before the invention of continuous welded rail (CWR), traditional railway tracks are lengths of rails joined by rail joints (joint bars, fishplate). If you look closely at the rails, you will find that every certain distance, that is more than 12 or 24 meters, there will be a small gap between the two rails. It …

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What Is A Railroad Frog?

A railroad frog is a device that helps the wheels rolling from one track to another. It is also called the “common crossing”. As a part of the railroad switch, it takes the area where two rails cross. Crossing nose and wing rails are main parts of the frog.  To understand how the railroad frog …

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Railroad Track Inspection

In railroad transportation, railroad tracks support and lead the locomotives to move forward. If the tracks crack, the trains may derail or turn over which will cause serious damage to people’s lives and property. Railroad track inspection is the process of using non-destructive testing (NDT) methods to detect rails in a planned way to find …

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Types Of Railway Tracks

How many types of railway tracks are there in the world? Probably more than you think. Types of railway tracks can be divided from different aspects such as the rail gauge, the construction form, etc. Railway tracks with different rail gauges Rail gauge is the distance between the rails of a railroad track or the …

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