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Railroad track or railway track is the main component for the railroad. It provides a reliable surface for trains to move. In the electrified or automatic block section, the rail is also used as a track circuit.

Rail profile


Rail profile refers to the cross-sectional shape of a railroad track. Typical rails’ profile is a cross-section approximate to an I-beam or looks like a Chinese character “工” but asymmetric about a horizontal axis. The load of the train is very large. To withstand the huge pressure of the train, the top surface of the rail needs to have a certain width and thickness to withstand the pressure. To improve the stability of the rail on the road, its bottom surface must also have a certain width. At the same time, because the outer ring of the train wheel protrudes, the rail must have a certain height. The I-shaped rail section just meets all requirements, so people always use I-shaped rails. From the perspective of the rail structure, the profile is divided into three parts, the head, the web and the foot (base).

Specification of railroad track

Rails are made in many different sizes. To buy a suitable railroad track for a construction project, it is necessary to know the rail dimension. Rail section dimension is described by the rail height, the width of the base, the width of the head, the web thickness, the depth of head, the depth of the base, nominal weight per yard or meter, and the length of the rail. It is the quickest way to make sure a rail type.

Rail Dimension

Rail length

Railroad Rails are produced in sections of fixed length. As the improving process of manufacturing, rail lengths have increased and is likely to increase more. This is for decreasing the joints between rails. After all, the joints are weak points for a railroad where a lot of maintenance work needs to be done.

Rail weight

The weight of a rail is measured per length. In some countries, people use ponds per yard to figure. While, in other countries, kilograms per meter units are used. Generally, the more a rail weights, the more strength a rail has hence the axle loads and speeds.

High-quality railroad tracks

The quality of railroad track directly affects the safety and stability of train operation. To ensure the train running according to the design speed, the rails must have the following functions.

  1. The surface is smooth to reduce the resistance between the wheel and rail.
  2. The rail relies on its stiffness to resist the elastic bending under the wheel load. However, to reduce the dynamic impact of wheels on the rail and prevent the running parts of locomotives and rails from being damaged, the necessary tensile strength of the rail is required.
  3. The contact area between the wheel and rail is very small, but the pressure from the wheel is very large. To prevent the rail from collapsing or wearing too fast, the rail should have enough hardness. However, if the hardness is too high, the rail is easy to be damaged by impact. Therefore, the rail is required to have a certain toughness.

AGICO Railroad Track For Sale

AGICO is a reliable supplier of railroad track. We manufacture a large number of different types of railroad rails. After almost 20 years of research and development, AGICO’s rails have sold to more than 20 countries and regions. We have built long-term corporation with our customs all over the world. You can buy high-quality railroad track at one stop. AGICO Railroad track features in high precision and cleanness, high toughness, high fatigue resistance and high tensile strength.

The product range of AGICO is quite extensive. You can buy new or used rails according to different rail standards. The charts below are for your reference. If you can’t find the type of rail in the following table, feel free to leave a message. Our sales will respond as soon as possible.

American Standard Rail
European Standard Rail
EN standard rail
DIN 536 rail
DIN536 Rail
British Standard Rail
BS Rail
Indian standard rail
Indian standard crane rail
Australian Standard Rail
Australian standard rail
South African Standard Rail
South African standard rail
Japanese standard rail
JIS standard rail
Chinese standard light rail
Chinese standard light rail
Chinese standard heavy rail
Chinese standard heavy rail
Chinese standard crane rail
Chinese standard crane rail
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